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June 16, 2021

The goal of Inbound Marketing is to find those people who are looking for what your business has to offer, making your content easy to find. Inbound Marketing helps identify a problem and present your product or service as the solution.

“In this blog we will explain
how get your own portfolio of clients.

While traditional marketing uses invasive techniques, interrupting users with unsolicited information, inbound marketing seeks to attract by delivering valuable content naturally.

Connecting people in a genuine way with what your business has to offer is not an easy task. The content you provide to your audience should be educational, entertaining, and well-received by consumers, influencing their purchasing decisions and their feelings towards the brand.

The best part? Inbound Marketing consists mainly of organic leads, so it is essential to have an attractive strategy, here we show you 5 phases to start creating your plan:

  • 1

    Attract - How will we get their attention?
    This first phase attempts to attract traffic to a website to obtain information about the user and segment it according to their needs. The fundamental method is content creation; consumers and search engines are getting smarter, constantly creating and publishing applicable content will turn traffic into actual leads.
  • 2

    Convert - Why do you want to leave us your contact details?
    If your content is successful, the user will want more; this is the right time to capture and build your databases. You can offer more content to the customer through a landing page and contact forms in exchange for their details (name and email). While it is true that the more information you have, the greater your sales possibilities, it is not prudent to ask the user for a lot of data at this first stage.
  • 3

    Network - Are you interested in knowing more about us?
    Not all potential customers that you have managed to attract will be ready for the decision to purchase your product or service. Depending on the leads’ phase, you can implement strategies to advance the purchase process, such as promotional e-mails through a landing page and contact forms or newsletters.
  • 4

    Closing - Do you want to purchase the service?
    Now that you have the data, you must organize the information and integrate it into a CRM (Customer relationship management) or an automation system that allows users to be classified according to the purchasing possibilities, determining the type of content or advice you can provide. Although this type of application makes the task much more manageable, the process can also be done manually.
  • 5

    Analyze - How effective are we in the process?
    It is necessary to monitor your results to make improvements. If your content or strategy is not working as expected, you should try something new.
Download an infographic here so you don’t skip a single step in your inbound marketing strategy

If you want to reach your audience organically, then an inbound marketing strategy will be perfect to increase your sales:

¿Qué es una estrategia de Inbound Marketing?