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in the United States

The growth of the Latino market in the last 20 years in the United States has changed how businesses relate to their customers. Not only has the Latino market grown, but it is also now a fundamental part of the country’s political, commercial, and cultural future.

According to recent studies, between 2008 and 2018, the Latino population grew by 52%, being the highest of all cultures in the United States. At the end of 2018, Latinos reached a record number: 59.9 million people of Latino descent are now part of American society.

That is why the new multicultural strategies must be an essential part of any business that wants to remain over time. The Hispanic community, thanks to the fact that the younger generations are more diverse, were born in their countries of origin but have developed their childhood and youth in the United States, making them a generation open to change and multilingual.

Hispanic Centennials:

Inglés o Español?

(Ages 12-22, also known as iGen and Generation Z)

● More than 57% identify as multiracial, a big difference from their non-Hispanic counterparts and higher than other Hispanics.

● 67% are bilingual and can easily navigate other cultures.

● 59% prefer to use English in every situation.

● 34% have no preference between English and Spanish.

National Trend of
Cultural Openness

National Trend of Cultural Openness

● 60% of the U.S. population ages 18+ expresses high cultural openness.

● 70% of 12-to-17-year olds manifest high cultural openness in their statements.

● 51% of Boomers and 41% of Matures demonstrate this same high level of cultural openness.

Source: Kanta 2018 LLS. Monitor

At CPC, connecting Latinos is what moves us.

We know how they think, what they like, how they buy, what they feel and how they connect with American culture. All because we are Latinos. We are here and there.

Understand the Latino market is to realize that it is not only a matter of connecting or feeling represented by the advertising or communication that companies carry out daily to achieve their objectives. It is to understand that the community needs more involvement and connection.

% 60

of Hispanics (43% of non-Hispanics) believe that companies do not strive to be active in their local communities.

% 66

of Hispanics (70% of Hispanics ages 12-22 and 76% of Hispanics who are fluent in Spanish) believe that very few brands care about the state of Hispanic communities.

% 66

of all Hispanics said they were frustrated by brands treating them as an afterthought (vs. 56% of all consumers).

At CPC, we understand that Hispanic culture influences all aspects of life: food, celebrations, music, entertainment, sports, fashion and beauty, and even language. We have developed creative concepts and strategies that connect the Latino market with brands that target this audience.

It is important to have a team that is part of this market, to think as Hispanics do. Therefore, market reach and penetration strategies should not be considered from a single angle; they should be encompassed from the understanding of the multiculturalism of the American market and the importance of Hispanics as the largest group and economic force. This group is made up of, among others, Latino Millennials, those who have a good income, a high level of acculturation, and are bilingual.

At CPC, we understand that Hispanic culture influences all aspects of life

Are you ready to start a new route taking advantage of the great opportunities in the marketing strategy of your business?