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October 12, 2021

More than 80% of brands are currently using Marketing for its great reach, Making it an effective tool for your brand.

This type of content is one of the most frequently used and ideal means to connect with the audience directly, emotionally, and quickly.

Research shows that by 2022 the average person will spend no less than 100 minutes a day watching videos.

What is Video Marketing?

It is an online tool that, as its name suggests, is based on audiovisual images used mainly on the internet to improve the brand’s objective in terms of digital strategies. It is the content format preferred by users today, especially when they are mainly emotionally driven.

In developing a video marketing strategy, it is recommended to be shareable content to achieve the strategic objective and be very interactive and very well suited to each social network depending on its role.

To focus more on social networks and video marketing, it is essential that you first know which social network is the one that best suits your brand or business when you are implementing this type of content. There are some facts about social networks and how this strategy works on each one:


Facebook is the platform with the most users around the world. People usually watch videos from a mobile phone. Although only 3% of the content on Facebook is videos, the content most shared on this social network is video publications, with an average of 89.5 per day. In addition, the native videos of the social network have ten times more reach than a simple link to youtube. Finally, the most viewed videos on this social network vary in length between 22 and 44 seconds.


Although Instagram is best known for photographs, today it is also becoming an important platform for video, from stories of 15 seconds, feeds of 1 minute, and IGTV up to 60 making it an alternative to Youtube. In this social network, the videos must always have an intention, an objective, Good quality, and a format according to the type of content; it is used most advertising and sales.


As we all know, this is the best network in the world for video, and it is a millennial-centered network, as this is the population that consumes the most hours of video and stays connected longest on the platform. The most popular and viewed videos on the platform are 3 minutes long. Furthermore, 95%  of users understand the platform, which is why it is a good option for implementing a video marketing strategy. In addition, 70% of the reproductions come from mobile devices.


This social network is much more informative, which has brought plenty of new tools for video marketing to date, where you can create videos from tendencies, tweets, direct messages, and fleets. You can also share from a youtube link natively on the app, but these cannot be longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds.


Here, video marketing is ideal for presenting products, presentations, or professional situations through an explanatory video; it is used mainly for companies, products, businesses, or professionals.

According to the above, we we present some of the trends of 2021 to implement in your video marketing strategy:

  • Explanatory Videos
  • Call to Action Videos
  • 360° experience – Interactives
  • Live Videos
  • Story Videos
  • Silent Videos – Show more and explain less (more images)
  • Storytelling Videos

Now, knowing about this topic, we want to share with you our portfolio of services here. Furthermore, we are sharing with you the advantages that this type of content has for your brand when it comes to its implementation:

  • 1

    Positioning in google:
    When you use video marketing on your landing page, you make users stay longer, increasing your organic positioning.
  • 2

    Humanize your brand:
    Expose your brand's personality through emotional stories so that users finally feel that closeness to it here;this can be achieved through storytelling.
  • 3

    Higher conversion rate:
    These impact users' purchases; it is proven that video marketing increases sales.
  • 4

    Increased Traffic:
    If you have excellent video marketing, it will attract users to address your contact networks.
  • 5

    Eye-catching videos have the most views and forwards in instant messaging, so the reach and brand awareness will increase.
  • 6

    This content demands much more creativity than money, so it is essential to have a person to have a creative member on your team.

And if you are already 100% convinced of all the benefits that video marketing can bring to your company, we give you these tips to succeed in social networks:

  • Make interactive videos: Look for good themes so that the content is compatible and useful.

  • Make Emotional Content: Creates emotional responses from your users

  • Be Brief (The shorter and more concise, the better)

  • Use Storytelling: Be creative, earn their excitement, tell them a great story!

  • The customer is the protagonist: Make people identify and earn their attention.

  • Hook from the beginning. So that your audience does not abandon the video, make a spectacular start.

Now that you know the importance and advantages of implementing this type of VIDEO MARKETING content in your brand or business, in CPC, we offer this service to help your business grow, working hand in hand to create a powerful strategy that works.

El Video Marketing como estrategia actualmente poderosa