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April 24, 2021

Every day entrepreneurs and small business owners face new challenges; any tool that improves productivity is a plus, and taking advantage of your Smartphone.

“In this blog, we will explain how to 
make it your ally.

Having the feedom to work from anywhere is thanks to the connectivity and technological advances developed in recent decades. Running your business from your laptop or cell phone has never been so simple. With new apps, software settings, new features, and increased speed, a smartphone becomes an essential tool for your business.

Although we spend most of the day looking at our cell phones, reviewing social networks, taking photos, or making calls, do we really know how to take advantage of this device?. For many, the answer may be no, and it is mainly used for recreation, but the possibilities are endless.

Here are 4 things you can do with your Smartphone to get benefits in your business or enterprise:

  • 1

    The first step is to organize your apps:In the app store of your cell phone, you will find many options; just choose the ones that best suit your needs, for example, one that is to keep track of your finances, a calendar that allows you to keep track of pending tasks, one that you can attend meetings from anywhere and others to communicate with your customers.
  • 2

    Automate messages on your Social Media:An adequate customer service in your business is necessary to create a relationship of trust with your audience. The idea of having a smartphone is to save time; you can schedule greeting messages and data requests on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp to interact with your customers in real-time while you’re doing other things.
  • 3

    Always activate a Backup:Can you imagine losing your phone by accident and having all your work erased? Nobody wants to go through this, right? , then all your files must be in the cloud; activating a backup on your phone will save you a headache in case it gets damaged or lost, your work and file will be intact, plus you can open them from any other device.
  • 4

    Take photos with a professional touch:The camera does not make the photographer; with the correct shots and illumination, you can take pictures from your phone to conquer your audience.

It is great to run your business from your cell phone. However, you should know when to divide the time between your personal life and your work.

Now that you know how to take advantage of your smartphone’s advantages for the daily tasks of your work, we leave you some extra tips so that the photos of your products stand out to the look of your customers.

¿Cómo usar tu Smartphone para
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