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Everything you need to know about Instagram Reels

and 5 unique ideas to create the best content

February 24, 2021

What are Instagram Reels? How does it work? Will it replace TikTok? Can it be used for business accounts? This blog will answer these questions and show you tips about this feature that has more reach every day.

The short video format has been a revolution that has gone worldwide and is shared daily on social media. When Instagram stories were created in 2016, it was called “the copy of Snapchat,” but clearly surpasses the latter app. Now, Reels is called the TikTok competition;. However, there is a similarity between these two platforms; the truth is that Reels has won a positive response from brands and influencers. Both share the essence of providing a creative space for sharing short videos.

Reels are perfect for engaging with users who prefer content easy to digest. This is a format in which you can create and share 15-second videos, add audio, text, special effects, stickers to share with your followers.
Instagram Reels

Here are 5 unique tips for you to start creating content:

Share educational content:

This is a great way to get started, a top 5, a recipe, steps to doing something or promoting a new product, think about what you can offer your audience, and make it educational.

Viral or Entertaining Content:

Dances are not the only trends to follow in Reels, but it is worth trying; there are also the changes of clothes, which create a stimulating effect when making a good edition. Also, they are fun for the audience.

Pets doing… Well, nothing:

It’s no secret that pets are a hit on the Internet, not only cats and dogs steal the attention of followers, birds, rabbits, and many who do unexpected things in front of the camera or just don’t do anything; and we love it!.

Slow-motion videos:

Just like TikTok, Reels gives you the option to set the speed of your videos; keep in mind that it’s fun to watch; not just any video will look good in slow motion.

Give recommendations and tips:

Use what you know to your advantage. Your audience will love to know a little more about what you do and what’s better than teaching them how to do it. It’s a perfect creative opportunity to show what you can do.

Extra Tip:

Don’t forget to explore all the music, effects, hashtags, and stickers to create unique content.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reel for Business

If you already have an Instagram account for your business, why not try Reels too? The Reels are on the Explore page and have their own button in the app, which gives a great chance of exposure from the brand to increase the reach because even people who don’t follow you can see your reels in the Explore section.

Give today a unique and different touch to your social media;

Let’s work together to achieve it.

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre instagram reels y 5 ideas únicas para crear el mejor contenido.